As a leader in the overall solution of "digital engineering" in China, Wuhan Ins Engineering Technology Corporation is a high-tech enterprise specialized in providing overall solutions for owners, general contractors and design institutes in the infrastructure field. Centering around the core objective of "realizing digital management of the whole life cycle of the project", its products cover: engineering project management system, construction process digitalization and construction process simulation optimization system, research and development of BIM and engineering visualization platform, as well as the application of engineering Internet of Things, system integration, engineering multimedia education and training, technical consultation and outsourcing services, etc.
It is the digital management that serves major national projects.
  • Large and Medium-sized Energy Power Stations at Home and Abroad

    Large and Medium-sized Energy Power Stations at Home and Abroad

    Large and medium-sized energy power stations at home and abroad Three Gorges, Karot, Xiluodu, Nuozhadu, Fengman, Altas, Wudongde, Crane Beach, Huangdeng, Murum and other famous hydropower stations.

  • Major Transportation/Municipal Services

    Major Transportation/Municipal Services

    National Petroleum Cave Depot, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Olympic Water Cube Swimming Center, Songyuan Irrigation District, Tarim River Basin Water Resources Management Bureau, etc.

  • Government Affairs Supervision

    Government Affairs Supervision

    Xinjiang Department of Water Resources, Wuhan Sponge City, etc.

  • Top 100 Investment Groups Management and Control

    Top 100 Investment Groups Management and Control

    Three Gorges Group, Gezhouba Group, China Guodian Corporation, China Harbour, etc.

  • 客户群体

    Customer Group

    Five major power generation groups, water conservancy and water affairs government organs, top 100 investment groups, etc.

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  • Personnel hotline:027-87320576-8020
  • Resume
  • Implementation Engineer (Xining, Qinghai) 2 People

    Recruiting Numbers: 2 People

    Job Description: 1. In the early stage of the project, responsible for collecting requirements, organizing business processes, and completing customer demand analysis 2. Conduct business briefing with system developers based on customer needs analysis 3. Responsible for all work during the implementation phase of the project, including training, data initialization, and customer on-site guidance 4. Participate in project acceptance work 5. Development direction: Implementation engineer ->Project manager (or industry consulting consultant) 6. Work location: Xining and surrounding areas, Qinghai Job requirements: 1. Bachelor's degree or above in computer software, engineering management, water conservancy and hydropower related majors; 2. Those with experience in project informatization training are preferred; 3. Good sense of responsibility and work attitude, proactive and able to endure hardships; 4. Interested in enterprise informatization applications;
    3D modeler 1 People

    Recruiting Numbers: 1 People

    Job Description: 1. Create basic models, mechanical models, scene models, etc. using 3D MAX according to project requirements; 2. Create scene animations and camera animations using 3D MAX software based on shot splitting scripts to meet rendering requirements; 3. Strong sense of responsibility, hardworking, good team spirit and communication skills. Job requirements: 1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in Fine Arts, Architecture, Environmental Art Design, Interior Design, Animation, Digital 3D, etc 2. Proficient in 3D MAX and related plugins, with at least 1 year of experience in 3D rendering and scene modeling; 3. It is necessary to have a good foundation in art and aesthetics, good ability in scene design, material and lighting processing, and good control over colors, light and shadow, and atmosphere; 4. Strong understanding ability, able to distinguish between basic CAD drawings and other basic reference drawings. 5. Experience in engineering animation production and building roaming modeling is preferred; 6. Priority given to those who have developed towards engineering animation; 7. Able to adapt to long-term business trips according to project needs;

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