“Digital Dam” Solution for Rolling Concrete Dams

“Digital Dam” Solution for Rolling Concrete Dams: The rolling concrete dam is a common type of dams in hydropower construction projects. It features simple process, fast construction speed, short construction period, less cementing material, low hydration heat. In addition to the quality of raw concrete material and the mixing quality, the rolling quality control and temperature control are two keys to the construction quality of rolling concrete gravity dams, and are directly linked to dam security. The traditional management mode, in which concrete temperature is collected by men and rolling parameters are controlled by supervisors, no longer fits with the need of massive machinery construction mode. Therefore, we have built the “digital dam system” which uses the computer technologies to collect various types of construction data in real time, provide feedback information and decision-making supports after calculation and analysis, making it a must-have production management tool for construction managers at worksites.

Product mix

Test & Detection Management System
Test & Detection Management System
By utilizing IoT, mobile application and data integration technologies, it realizes the information-based management of the full test and detection process to obtain the data of all stages truly and efficiently, thus pulling off the closed-loop management covering sampling, entrustment, experiment, and report.
Construction Quality Evaluation System
Construction Quality Evaluation System
Connected by the Internet, smart phones are becoming an economical and reliable terminal device for data collection and receipt on construction sites.
Rolling Quality Monitoring & Analysis System
Rolling Quality Monitoring & Analysis System
Integrated collection and full control
Boasting PDCA circulation for on-site quality management, it can timely identify nonconformities during construction, reduce the interference by human and weather factors , guarantee construction quality at night or in bad weather. With effective in-process quality control, it ensures the quality, safety and durability of structure construction.

Program value

INS Technology has participated in the construction of “digital dam” of rolling concrete dams in Huangdeng Dam, Fengman Dam reconstruction, Souapiti Dam, and Dahuaqiao Dam, thus accumulating abundant practical experience in system construction and application.
The Digital Dam Solution for Rolling Concrete Dams of INS Technology covers all key production processes and quality control and management, including raw material test, mixing plant production, concrete transportation, warehousing, paving, rolling, temperature measuring, sampling, and quality evaluation, and provides special real-time monitoring with different oblique angles and oblique layer thickness for oblique rolling method.
You can find the detailed description and application under the product catalog Digital Construction Product and Digital Equipment. If you are interested in INS solution to digital rolling concrete dams, please call us. We will present you pertinent construction solutions according to your specific situation.

Technical advantages