Construction Quality Evaluation System

“Construction Quality Evaluation System”: By utilizing the mobile IoT technology, the mobile terminal allows users to timely and conveniently collect construction site data, fill in quality acceptance bills, report evaluation results, and generate completion materials. When combined with the quality management cloud platform, it can offer parallel supervision on multiple projects, big data analysis for project quality, and therefore can maintain complete quality records for project acceptance.

Value result

- Standardized, information-based and digitalized project quality management: The system provides unified and digitalized management of the content and format of various quality acceptance forms, evaluation formulas of inspection items, and project quality grade evaluation criteria for process unit.
- Improved management competency and innovative management method: It evolves from traditional manual management to information-based intelligent management, from inefficient energy-consuming management to efficient, networked and centralized information-based management. Hence it will inevitably improve the general level of construction information management.
- Better normalize site quality inspection and intensify execution of quality management regulations: The on-site data collection terminal inputs the data of different positions and audits them by identifying their user permission + electronic signature + face recognition (identify person) + position (identify position) + time control (identify time) to ensure conforming system operation, authentic data recording and timely material submission, as well as actual implementation of quality regulations at the construction site.
- Integrated management of original electronic quality evaluation file and document: Establish a quality management system to support the full lifecycle of project construction, set up organization relationship for project partitioning and quality evaluation materials, make sure quality bills are automatically collected in accepted units, and the format of original electronic signature and seal documents generated by the system complies with national standards, so as to satisfy the requirements on electronic file recording and management for construction projects.
- Reduce the cost and improve the efficiency: The paperless office reduces the workload of data inputting, accelerates bill filling and review, facilitates the inquiry and filling of quality materials, therefore reducing project management cost and improving working efficiency.

Key function

Construction Quality Evaluation System

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Program Manual

  • 2019INS_CES施工质量验评系统PPT


Star case

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