Joint & Grouting Construction Management System

“Joint & Grouting Construction Management System”: Applying the mobile IoT technology, the mobile terminal can timely and conveniently collect on-site grouting data while offering an interface for automatic grouting recorders to obtain dynamic grouting data. When provided with concrete age, cantilever height, concrete temperature, joint opening degree and other factors of corresponding parts, it can comprehensively analyze and evaluate the groutability of grouted areas in the form of a list. It supports an array of inquiry methods including WeChat, APPs, website, etc.

Value result

- It helps to quantitatively evaluate the groutability, and provides scientific basis for construction decisions. The nonconformity list allows clients to swiftly grasp the actual conditions of the site, and allocate resources to deal with nonconformities.
- It can collect the construction data throughout the process, help sorting construction and completion materials, evaluate the grouting construction based on BIM, reflect the real-time grouting conditions in 3D scenarios, and provide two 2D views before and after the damming with the data based on joint opening degree, concrete temperature, cantilever height, concrete age, and highest temperature distribution, etc. It allows users to master real-time on-site conditions in multiple scenarios.

Key function

Joint & Grouting Construction Management System

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Program Manual

  • 2009INS_CES灌浆管理系统手册


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