International Emergency Management System

“International Emergency Management System”: The focal point of this system is to establish a visual emergency commanding and management center to display overseas branches and project departments in different continents on the virtual earth, so that company leaders can rapidly locate all overseas projects. For emergency evacuation, the visualization function can describe evacuation paths on the virtual earth, thus offering a basis for leaders to make decisions and improve the emergency management level of the company.

Value result

- Establish an emergency system to manage emergency resources and prevent risks;
- Execute emergency plans to deal with emergency incidents calmly;
- Visualize emergency management for visual emergency commanding.

Key function

International Emergency Management System

Short demo film

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Program Manual

  • 2017INS_国际EPC项目监管云平台手册


Star case

Gezhouba Group
Customer : 葛洲坝集团
Installation capacity :
Project time : 2014S-2008S
Applied Products : 综合管理系统/科技信息平台/设备物资管理系统/湖北物流公司软件增值服务/物流平台网站...