Construction Management Cloud Platform

“Construction Management Cloud Platform”: Designed to serve infrastructure constructors and construction departments, the platform integrates the top-grade qualification standards of constructors in an information-based way as well as the PMBOK project management ideas, and combines with the management reality of domestic medium- and large-sized constructors. It not only satisfies the national information requirements for top grade qualification, but also fits with the application of “Smart Construction Site”, thus assisting constructors to really manage construction sites in an information-based way.

Value result

- Standardize management procedure to reduce audit risks;
- Manage construction contracts and subcontracts in a coordinative manner to systematically control the cost;
- Apply integrated management on the purchasing, inbound and storage of construction materials;
- Realize full tracking and utilization ratio management of construction facilities;
- Track and monitor construction progress;
- Realize full control over construction quality;
- Realize integrated management of documents to increase communication efficiency.

Key function

Construction Management Cloud Platform

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Program Manual

  • 2018INS_“数字工程”整体解决方案领跑者-形象手册


Star case

Customer : 水电一局
Installation capacity :
Project time : 2018S-2016S
Applied Products : 综合项目管理系统...
Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway
Customer : 水电十一局
Installation capacity :
Project time : 2008S
Applied Products : 施工综合管理系统...
Customer : 水电八局
Installation capacity :
Project time : 2016S-2009S
Applied Products : 经营管理系统/招投标动画/数字化高拱坝工程应用/视频会议系统...
Murum Hydroelectric Power Station, Malaysia
Customer : 三峡发展
Installation capacity : 944MW
Project time : 2011S-2009S
Applied Products : 帷幕灌浆管理系统/施工综合管理系统/福建隧道项目管理系统...
CGGC Machinery & Ship
Customer : 葛洲坝机械船舶
Installation capacity :
Project time : 2010S
Applied Products : 综合项目管理信息系统...