Project Management Cloud Platform

“Project Management Cloud Platform”: It is a comprehensive project management system based on project construction and management procedure of owners. The system has fully absorbed global project management ideas and knowledge systems, considered domestic project construction modes and management features, and learned from the practice of super-large domestic project construction and management. Fully satisfying the requirements of “four controls, two managements, one coordination” for project construction and management, the system provides all-sided information-based solutions for infrastructural projects from preliminary planning to completion.

Value result

- Standardize management procedure to reduce audit risks;
- Realize system-based cost control;
- Realize full control over project quality;
- Track and monitor project progress;
- Realize integrated management of documents to increase communication efficiency.

Key function

Project Management Cloud Platform

Short demo film

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Program Manual

  • 2017INS_PMS基建项目监管云平台手册


Star case

CGGC International
Customer : 葛洲坝国际
Installation capacity :
Project time : 2019S-2013S
Applied Products : 项目管理系统/应急救援指挥中心信息管理系统/国际EPC项目管理系统/
Three Gorges South Asia Investment
Customer : 南亚投资/卡洛特电力
Installation capacity : >300万千瓦
Project time : 2019S-2016S
Applied Products : 投资分析系统/工程项目管理云平台...
China Harbour Engineering
Customer : 中国港湾
Installation capacity :
Project time : 2019S-2017S
Applied Products : 国际EPC监管云平台...
Sponge City, Wuhan
Customer : 大唐技术
Installation capacity :
Project time : 2017S
Applied Products : 基建工程管理云平台...
Songyuan Irrigated Area
Customer : 慧图科技
Installation capacity :
Project time : 2016S
Applied Products : 工程项目管理云平台...
National Petroleum Reserve Base 2 (HD)
Customer : 国储石油基地
Installation capacity :
Project time : 2014S-2010S
Applied Products : 工程管理信息系统...