Automatic Transportation Metering System

“Automatic Transportation Metering System”: It addresses the problems of automatic weighing and watering records on the dam, automatically identifies vehicles and adds water without human involvement to ensure project quality. While achieving automatic identification of material type and automatic weighing, it also enables automatic watering through the big data calculation to reduce the watering time, increase the pass rate, and save water. The automatic identification, weighing and statement statistics guarantee data accuracy and efficiency.

Value result

It boosts breakthroughs in the informatization and automation of hydraulic and hydropower projects, overturns the current situation of traditional construction industry where there is no detailed data statistics on watering and weighing, and makes progress in making hydraulic and hydropower constructions finer, more standardized and intelligent.

Key function

Automatic Transportation Metering System

Short demo film

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Program Manual

  • 2018INS_“数字工程”整体解决方案领跑者-形象手册


Star case

Jurong Pumped-storage Hydroelectric Power Station
Customer : 葛洲坝二公司
Installation capacity : 135万千瓦
Project time : 2018S
Applied Products : 智慧工地系统/BIM应用/碾压质量监控系统/数字测温/施工过程管理系统/视频监控...