“VR Smart Power Station” Solution

“VR Smart Power Station” Solution: Supported by new sensing, IoT, AI, virtual reality and other technologies and guided by innovative management and professional control system, it is a power station production and operation management platform covering the smart equipment, smart control and smart management of all levels, thus guaranteeing the safe, economical, efficient and environmentally-friendly operation of power stations to the maximum extent.

Product mix

Baihetan Hydroelectric Power Station
Yunchuan Hydropower
Public test and inspection platform system/four simultaneous/personnel positioning three-dimensional visualization/intelligent construction management platform/intelligent dam/left bank underground chamber ventilation and smoke dispersal thematic film/video surveillance system/material verification and finished concrete settlement system/digital slope construction management system/supervision bidding demonstration.
Xiangjiaba Hydroelectric Power Station
Three Gorges Hydroelectric Power Station
VR升船机一体机/VR演示 /三峡工程+清洁能源科普动画/技术支持/升船机主体工程计量签证与物资核销/工程管理系统...

Program value

The construction of a smart power station is broad and involves automation and IT technologies. INS Technology excels in offering pertinent solutions to the operation management of smart power station facilities.
It can introduce BIM and VR technologies into the visualization of power stations, create digital models for hydraulic structures, inner space of plants, facilities, supporting pipelines and other key facilities in power stations, affixing a digital copy to each physical asset. On the basis of digital assets, the solution integrates with the power station production system, equipment running supervision system, project handover filing system, project safety monitoring, industrial television, IoT and other application systems used in the operation and handover period of projects, and considers the need of training in equipment repair and maintenance to form full-lifecycle information models for all major facilities as an integral part of the general solution to smart power stations.

Technical advantages