BIM Platform and BIM+ Application

“BIM Management Platform and BIM+ Application”: The INS BIM Management Platform consisting of the manager, the designer plug-in and the browser applies the distributed architecture system and big data storage mode, and supports the integrated management of dynamic data of multiple projects and massive BIM. When equipped with the designer plug-in, it supports multi-source model conversion and lightweight processing, model attribute maintenance, version management and other functions. The BIM browser applies the WebGL architecture and supports plugin-free online browsing, enabling users to run efficient searching from the desktop app and the mobile app.

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BIM Management Platform and BIM+ Application

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Program Manual

  • 2018INS_“数字工程”整体解决方案领跑者-形象手册


Star case

Karot Hydroelectric Power Station, Pakistan
Customer : 中水七局/葛洲坝三公司
Installation capacity : 1600万千瓦
Project time : 2019S-2015S
Applied Products : 混凝土施工管理系统/数字温控/大坝与灌浆工程数字化系统/“数字电站”系统...