Hydraulic Project Quality Supervision Cloud Platform

“Hydraulic Project Quality Supervision Cloud Platform”: A hydraulic project is massive and extensive with different technical features, process requirements and varying construction management environment. The urgent challenge faced by competent authorities at different levels and project owners is how to apply effective supervisory measures to enable every stage and procedure of a hydraulic project to comply with design requirements during construction, meet technical specifications and quality standards, ensure construction quality and secure operation.

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According to the Principles for Quality Supervision of Hydraulic Projects issued by the Ministry of Water Resources of China in 2016, a cloud system for quality supervision and business management of in-process projects has been developed for province-level water resource departments, municipal-level water resource bureaus and other water resource organizations. The cloud platform consists of the quality supervision platform and the project quality acceptance APP.
Quality Supervision Platform
It enables project reporting, project partition recording, quality acceptance recording and filing, defect and accident reporting and other information and networking service for project legal persons.
It can streamline and electronize the review work of quality supervision departments such as reporting and filing, while registering and managing quality supervision records in daily work.
Project Quality Acceptance APP
When used on a construction site, it replaces traditional paper acceptance bills to complete “three mobile inspections” and collects quality acceptance data and evidence from the site.
Unit partitioning and unit acceptance materials are sent to the quality supervision platform by project legal persons to integrate the filling of project partitioning, recording of site acceptance and filling of quality acceptance, so as to improve the timeliness and completeness of quality supervision filling, and reduce the workload of quality reporting and filling undertaken by project legal persons.
This solution applies the Internet and mobile application technologies to combine the quality management of hydraulic projects with the process, digitize the quality test and evaluation process on the construction site, orderly share evaluation results and basis among constructors and governmental supervisory organs, making it a systematic method of controlling and supervising project quality.

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Hydraulic Project Quality Supervision Cloud Platform