Smart Water Resource Solution of GIS + Project Management + Headquarters Management

Smart Water Resource Solution of GIS + Project Management + Headquarters Management: As a cloud-based platform to manage comprehensive pipeline data and information resources, it can efficiently rally big data resources, cloud-based GIS, IoT, BIM, and pipeline repair sources, intensify pipeline planning and cross-project construction management; create pipeline hydropower models, integrate pipeline data, scheduling data, income data, international regulations to perform comprehensive hydraulic analysis of pipelines; connect with existing administrative platforms to coordinate on the distribution of “Smart Water Resource” scheduling and commanding centers.

Product mix

BIM Platform and BIM+ Application
Project Management Cloud Platform
Project Management Cloud Platform
Reflect audit and supervision with data, and manage projects remotely
Compare the plan with actual execution to find deviation, analyze the cause and risk. Project coordination and planning (investment control, progress control, quality security monitoring, resource management, BIM dynamic image).
Group Technology Management Cloud Platform
Group Technology Management Cloud Platform
Normative management, efficient work
A platform is used to realize managerial functions of technology departments and all managerial work in the system, enhance the ability of technological innovation and management, and comprehensively demonstrate the core competitiveness of the company. A technological achievement display area has been created for employees to increase economic benefits.
Hydraulic Project Quality Supervision Cloud Platform
Hydraulic Project Quality Supervision Cloud Platform
Multi-level administration/full business sector/full-process management
“Hydraulic Project Quality Supervision Cloud Platform”: A hydraulic project is massive and extensive with different technical features, process requirements and varying construction management environment. The urgent challenge faced by competent authorities at different levels and project owners is how to apply effective supervisory measures to enable every stage and procedure of a hydraulic project to comply with design requirements during construction, meet technical specifications and quality standards, ensure construction quality and secure operation.
IT O&M at Headquarters and Project Sites
IT O&M at Headquarters and Project Sites
24H protection at 5+2 service levels
We have more than ten years of experience in on-site system and equipment maintenance and service for large projects, and stationing at project sites to solve emergency system failure reported by clients.

Program value

- It utilizes assets to activate efficiency.
It can enhance the operational and regulatory capabilities for water resource management, enable predictive analysis and proactive maintenance, optimize asset availability and performance, and mobilize each business unit.
- It enhances the construction of standard systems and quality technologies.
It enables mobile quality inspection and safety supervision as per international regulations to ensure project safety.
- It breaks the isolation of the information system and connect all systems for better scalability.
It is compatible with many systems from different companies, supports heterogeneous data fusion of large-scale equipment, intensified top-level design and unified management, and enables deep exploitation and application of massive data.

Technical advantages