One-stop IT Service Solution for Global Construction Investment Projects

“One-stop IT Service Solution for Global Construction Investment Projects”: Aiming at improving the unceasing competitiveness of project companies, it can control key technologies, equipment, materials, personnel and other capability resources, allocate resources dynamically, help clients obtain above-average profits in the market, reduce the cost and difficulty of management and coordination caused by conflicts and differentiation in resource cooperation, and facilitate the successful digital transformation. Such resources, if in scarcity, will lead to the loss of an advantageous position in market competition.

Product mix

BIM Platform and BIM+ Application
Test & Detection Management System
Test & Detection Management System
By utilizing IoT, mobile application and data integration technologies, it realizes the information-based management of the full test and detection process to obtain the data of all stages truly and efficiently, thus pulling off the closed-loop management covering sampling, entrustment, experiment, and report.
Worker Management System
Worker Management System
Face recognition, real-name system, and digital control
The worker management system identifies terminal devices by recognizing human faces, registers the white list and visitor information. The accessing system monitors the real-time accessing data, compares human faces with the database and stores the information. It enables the management of personnel ledger, sign-in & sign-off, attendance, training and blacklist.
Safety Monitoring & Management System
Safety Monitoring & Management System
Comprehensive acquisition/intelligent analysis/decision making
Equipped with the leading application of BIM+ safety monitoring, the system provides full-lifecycle management for monitoring devices, categorizes monitoring devices and instrument burying ledger , provides mobile patrol APP, automatically analyzes safety monitoring data and generates an evaluation report.
Group Technology Management Cloud Platform
Group Technology Management Cloud Platform
Normative management, efficient work
A platform is used to realize managerial functions of technology departments and all managerial work in the system, enhance the ability of technological innovation and management, and comprehensively demonstrate the core competitiveness of the company. A technological achievement display area has been created for employees to increase economic benefits.

Program value

- It improves the visibility of enterprises and the ecosystem.
Featuring automated data sorting and integration, it can intelligently increase productivity, automate business processes efficiently, motivate employees, reduce costs, release capacity, optimize decision making, and operate the company more agilely.
- With resources in hand, it focuses on the present and the future.
With reasonable allocation of resources, it can give them full play and simulate all potential optional results. It innovates in the future based on the present.
- A flexible and game-changing solution to win with wisdom
Injecting flexibility and insight into business process, it can swiftly respond to changes, optimize action plans and achieve desired results, thus enabling users to cope with challenges posed by game-changing competitors.

Technical advantages