Visualized Construction Method

“Visualized Construction Method”: It is a corporate platform software for the vocational education and training of the infrastructural construction industry. By building a visualized knowledge management and training platform for the infrastructural construction industry stored on the cloud, it enables infrastructural work owners and contractors to visually manage standardized construction processes, accumulate in-house knowledge and perform skill training.

Value result

The visualization technology and multimedia technology are applied to construct a database of standardized construction methods for the hydropower industry. Boring textbooks are turned into lively construction scenes. Furthermore, the platform makes a summary on correct construction methods, clarifies the quality requirements of construction methods, lists up common mistakes, and standardizes construction methods and standards, which not only facilitates the accumulation of industrial knowledge, but is also the basic requirements of industrial advancement. It plays a significant role in improving project quality and assisting construction workers to better understand construction methods.

Key function


Short demo film

Program Manual

  • 2015INS_VR工程可视化手册


Star case

Baihetan Hydroelectric Power Station
Customer : Yunchuan Hydropower
Installation capacity : 1600WKW
Project time : 2019S-2011S
Applied Products : Public test and inspection platform system/four simultaneous/personnel positioning three-dimensional visualization/intelligent construction management platform/intelligent dam/left bank underground chamber ventilation and smoke dispersal thematic film/video surveillance system/material verification and finished concrete settlement system/digital slope construction management system/supervision bidding demonstration.
Xiluodu Hydroelectric Power Station
Customer : 川云水电/三峡传媒
Installation capacity : 1386万千瓦
Project time : 2019S-2008S
Applied Products : 技术支持/运营期安全监测分析系统/智能建造宣传片/施工方案多媒体演示/无线测温/地厂建设成果管理系统/施工监测与仿真分析系统/灌浆管理系统/施工管理系统/地厂岩锚梁施工动画...
Huangdeng Hydroelectric Power Station
Customer : 华能澜沧江/水电四局
Installation capacity : 1900MW
Project time : 2016S-2010S
Applied Products : 施工管理系统/技术支持/廊道无线网络/碾压混凝土施工可视化工法/坝基精细化开挖可视化工法/地厂引水系统洞室交叉口开挖支护施工工法演示/砂石加工系统工程投标演示...
Nuozhadu Hydroelectric Power Station
Customer : 昆明院/华能澜沧江
Installation capacity : 585万千瓦
Project time : 2014S-2010S
Applied Products : 安全预警系统/机电工艺篇演示/坝基处理、垫层施工可视化工法/坝料源开采施工可视化工法/石料填筑施工可视化工法/反滤料、掺砾石土料填筑工可视化工法/安全评价与预警信息管理系统...
Xiaowan Hydroelectric Power Station
Customer : 华能澜沧江
Installation capacity : 420万千瓦
Project time : 2014S
Applied Products : 混凝土施工可视化工法...