Hydropower Project Construction Training Platform

“Hydropower Project Construction Training Platform”: We aim to create a “vivid and characteristic hydropower project teaching platform” by combining our one-of-the-kind hydropower gene with process video, material database, construction and operation rules and standards, reports & drawings, project cases, processes, more than ten years of practical experience in serving well-known dams at home and abroad, and advanced overseas technologies, thus allowing students to fully master project features in real scenarios and apply the knowledge skillfully. While integrating teaching, learning and practicing, the platform combines work with study to enhance practical skills, ability and occupational quality, avoid safety risks of internship, improve the teaching effect, reduce the burden of teachers, improve the special competitiveness of schools and help cultivate more “state-level” talents.

Value result

INS Technology relies on its ten-odd years of practical experience in combination with the virtual reality technology to create a teaching platform that excels in emulation, openness, practicability, advancement and operability. It blends the most advanced construction technology and management concept of the hydropower industry into practical training, and independently develops new learning scenarios to construct a visualized teaching platform beyond the limitations of time and space for the practical training of hydropower projects. Instead of boring textbooks, challenging and knotty knowledge points are reflected through vivid interactive scenes that help learners grasp them fast. This is greatly beneficial for the construction of a simulative training demonstration base, academic research, development of premium teaching resources, popularization of industrial knowledge, and talent cultivation.

Key function

Short demo film

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Program Manual

  • 2017INS_VR水利水电工程施工VR实训平台手册


Star case

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