MG Science Animation

MG Science Animation: The vivid and humorous animation is lively and funnily presented to attract the audience with vividness, fun, inclusiveness and interaction. This helps to improve the corporate image, improve fame, and popularize knowledge, and is well favored by the young group in new media.

Value result

Key function


Short demo film

Program Manual

  • 2018INS_VR工程增强数字展示手册


Star case

Three Gorges Hydroelectric Power Station
Customer : 三峡传媒/三峡集团
Installation capacity : 2240万千瓦
Project time : 2018S-2008S
Applied Products : VR升船机一体机/VR演示 /三峡工程+清洁能源科普动画/技术支持/升船机主体工程计量签证与物资核销/工程管理系统...