Video Monitoring System

“Video Surveillance System”: A construction site is complicated in both the environment and the personnel makeup. An effective on-site and remote video monitoring system is a requisite for managers. The system is composed of three basic parts: front-end equipment, control center and transmission equipment.

Value result


Key function

- Support high-definition digital video and instant capture of images, and monitor the scene in real time.
- Support remote shooting, near-end controllable.
- Convenient solar and battery power supply and power management functions.
- With perfect video, picture management, search function.
- Has a remote start call function.
- The site monitoring system is powered by solar energy.
- With lightning protection design.
- Design anti-corrosion, anti-high magnetic, anti-sorghum.
- Transmission communication is compatible with 3G / EVDO / EDGE / GPRS / CDMA 1X.

Short demo film

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Program Manual

  • 2018INS_“数字工程”整体解决方案领跑者-形象手册


Star case

Baihetan Hydroelectric Power Station
Customer : Yunchuan Hydropower
Installation capacity : 1600WKW
Project time : 2019S-2011S
Applied Products : Public test and inspection platform system/four simultaneous/personnel positioning three-dimensional visualization/intelligent construction management platform/intelligent dam/left bank underground chamber ventilation and smoke dispersal thematic film/video surveillance system/material verification and finished concrete settlement system/digital slope construction management system/supervision bidding demonstration.
Tianjin-Shijiazhuang Expressway
Customer : 水电五局
Installation capacity :
Project time : 2018S
Applied Products : 现场视频监控系统...