Rolling Quality Monitoring & Analysis System

“Rolling Quality Monitoring & Analysis System”: Relying on our independently developed Beidou GPS system, it adopts the high-precision differential positioning technology and IoT sensing technology to achieve all-rounded digital monitoring, dynamic analysis and evaluation on the process of rolling and filling construction.

Value result

- It applies the domestically-advanced Beidou GPS high-precision positioning technology and the information-based data processing technology to establish the real-time rolling quality monitoring system for real-time monitoring of rolling trajectory, rolling times, speed, excitation force, and heat-up layer, so as to ensure the quality of filling constructions.
- It allows for in-depth monitoring of construction quality and fine management. With the automatic monitoring function, the system can effectively master the construction status, and realize dynamic tracking and fast feedback on construction quality.
- It can effectively improve the construction and management level, realize innovative management of project construction, and provide powerful data support for a premium development.

Key function

Integrated collection and full control

Short demo film

Program Manual

  • 2015INS_IOT碾压质监分析系统手册


Star case

Souapiti Hydroelectric Power Station, Guinea
Customer : 中水对外
Installation capacity : 45万千瓦
Project time : 2018S
Applied Products : 碾压监控分析系统...
Huangnan Reservoir
Customer : 华东院
Installation capacity : 1.64万kw
Project time : 2018S
Applied Products : 碾压质监分析系统...
Changlongshan Pumped-storage Hydroelectric Power Station
Customer : 三峡高科/水电十二局
Installation capacity : 210万千瓦
Project time : 2018S-2015S
Applied Products : 施工管理系统/施工质量验评系统/上下库大坝碾压质量监控系统/实施规划介绍片/上水库工程介绍片/工程介绍演示...