Metal Structure Security Management System

“ Metal Structure Security Management System”: It comprehensively controls and monitors the procurement, manufacturing and installation of metal structures, produces metal structures based on 3D models and visualized scenarios, and visually displays installation progress by setting apart different metal parts and components.

Value result

- It can complete the 3D modeling of all metal structures according to the actual project needs, centrally manage those models in the component base, and finally construct all 3D scenarios for manufacturing and installing metal structures.
- By a virtual 3D image display, it well informs the constructor, the supervisor and leaders from the owner of all project information, allowing them to intuitively and rapidly know about the plan and actual progress. Applied in the management of metal structures manufacturing and installation, the virtual construction allows all participating parties to intuitively know all installation parts, construction progress of each component, as well as the manufacturing and installation progress of every steel lining;
- The on-site data collection terminal inputs data and audits it by scanning components’ identity QR codes and adding watermarks on photos (including the code of current component, time of photo, current process, operator and other information), so as to ensure the authenticity of the data recorded and the timeliness of the materials submitted;
- Track every stage from equipment acceptance upon arrival to allocation and return (starting from the delivery plan and covering notice sending , handover and acceptance upon arrival, equipment allocation, equipment borrowing, equipment returning, etc.), to precisely locate every unit of metal structure equipment.

Key function

Metal Structure Security Management System

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Program Manual

  • 2018INS_“数字工程”整体解决方案领跑者-形象手册


Star case

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