IT O&M at Headquarters and Project Sites

“IT O&M at Headquarters and Project Sites”: We have more than ten years of experience in on-site system and equipment maintenance and service for large projects, and stationing at project sites to solve emergency system failure reported by clients, and offer 24h protection at 5+2 service levels.

Value result

- 1+1, 1+N utilization training and data auditing for new users;
- Run regular system inspection, health check, and propose recommendations for safety, stability, performance status, problems found or hidden dangers;
- Run performance diagnosis and optimization, and perform analysis, evaluation, adjustment based on clients’ needs to improve overall energy efficiency.

Key function

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Program Manual

  • 2018INS_“数字工程”整体解决方案领跑者-形象手册


Star case

Three Gorges Hydroelectric Power Station
Customer : 三峡传媒/三峡集团
Installation capacity : 2240万千瓦
Project time : 2018S-2008S
Applied Products : VR升船机一体机/VR演示 /三峡工程+清洁能源科普动画/技术支持/升船机主体工程计量签证与物资核销/工程管理系统...
Three Gorges Group
Customer : 三峡集团/云川水电
Installation capacity :
Project time : 2018S-2008S
Applied Products : 施工管理APP系统/数字化平台总体框架咨询/水电工程设备物资共享平台/工程管理系统/升船机主体工程及地下电站TGPMS计量签证与物资核销/技术支持/三峡巡游动画...
Xiluodu Hydroelectric Power Station
Customer : 川云水电/三峡传媒
Installation capacity : 1386万千瓦
Project time : 2019S-2008S
Applied Products : 技术支持/运营期安全监测分析系统/智能建造宣传片/施工方案多媒体演示/无线测温/地厂建设成果管理系统/施工监测与仿真分析系统/灌浆管理系统/施工管理系统/地厂岩锚梁施工动画...
Xiangjiaba Hydroelectric Power Station
Customer : 川云水电
Installation capacity : 775万千瓦
Project time : 2019S-2009S
Applied Products : 水土保持工作专题片/文明工程专题片及画册/项目档案微视频/技术支持/竣工验收专题片/升船机培训教材编制及培训/档案专项验收档案工作宣传片/蓄水工程及档案管理专题片/环境保护、珍稀特有鱼类增殖放流站等视频宣传片/施工管理信息系统...
Huangdeng Hydroelectric Power Station
Customer : 华能澜沧江/水电四局
Installation capacity : 1900MW
Project time : 2016S-2010S
Applied Products : 施工管理系统/技术支持/廊道无线网络/碾压混凝土施工可视化工法/坝基精细化开挖可视化工法/地厂引水系统洞室交叉口开挖支护施工工法演示/砂石加工系统工程投标演示...